Surrealism is what inspires me constantly. Maestro Salvador Dali is my favorite artist. So I decided to try on his mustache hoping to get closer to his talent. Naive :-)
I questioned myself: if Dali had children, what breakfast would he cook for them?
I started to gather his artworks, and analyze its colors, symbols, forms and etc.
I decided to take the most common breakfasts as a basis and to add a "drop of Dali".
1st breakfast
- egg
- cherry tomato
- asparagus
2nd breakfast
- bread
- cheese
- cucumber
- black olives
3rd breakfast
- milk
- cornflakes
- blueberry
Later the list was adjusted a little bit.
The ingredients and backdrops were to contain one of the selected colors (blue, red, black, orange-yellow). Green and white colors were additional.
Final images
"The Great Egg"
"The Persistence of Flakes"
"The Stereoscopic Sandwich or Dali in the Guise of a Shrimp"
I was so much enjoying the whole process! Hope you loved the project as well!
P.S. one image contains Easter eggs :-) have you noticed?

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